Skinny pig

Advice for veterinary surgeons

We know that some of the more exotic animals can be a challenge, in diagnosis, medicine or surgery. Here at Birch Heath Veterinary Clinic we are happy to discuss cases with you.

If you are a veterinary surgeon, who would like advice with a case, please fill in the online advice request form. This will generate an email request, which are reviewed daily by our vets and replies are normally given within 48-hours via email. Please include full details and a history to enable us to give you the best advice we can.

Urgent requests

If your request is urgent, please add this in the request details section and we will endeavour to offer some help as soon as possible. After you have submitted the form please telephone us on 01829 733777 to make staff aware of an urgent request.

Please note our staff may be in consult or surgery at the time of your request and may not be able to speak with you immediately.

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